Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Artwork to Admire

"Wind blowing quickly,
Rain, hail, funneling black clouds,
Sucking up houses?
"A big blue pond turtle stays in its shell every winter day."
"Waves crashing on shore.
Home to many types of fishes.
Smell tingles my nose."
...poetry and picture completion...
"Flowers dancing gracefully along the weary, weathered fence."

"Falling down off trees.
Exploring the new world's grounds
being blown away."
"The dust bunnies ran from the grasp of the hairy broom!"

"Long legs with a beak.
Standing on water.
Dips beak in water."
"The milk and cookie were whispering about the oreo so he left the room."
"Makes beautiful sounds.
Wears yellow and black colors.
Delicious honey."
Colors of Spring

A soothing ball of fur....

"The eyes pulled the jungle animals into his soul."

"The flowers giggle as they have a rain shower."
"Hey, you wanna snuggle?"

"The wood spit and crawled with colors of black and yellow."

Looks refreshing!!


"In the green forest, the squirrels chatter loudly, in the morning sun."

"An Elephant
Plains of Africa
A mammoth of a mammal
Splashes with its trunk."

"Wavy ocean waves.
Dolphins gliding and swimming.
Visiting in the summer."

"On a grassy plain.
Short mane, evil laugh, brown spots,
in the baking heat."

Welcome to Lake Region School District's amazing blog site offering you a view of the art and writing activities of our students.  Project Success (PSE) is a program which combines the teaching of WRITING skills and ART techniques to bring about wonderful pieces of work by our children.

Instructor, Barb Beeson (SBES teacher), meets with teachers bi-weekly for 7 sessions and teaches hands-on PSE lessons.  The teachers return to their classes and do the lessons with their students. Teachers are encouraged to work together, share, and come up with unique ideas for teaching the skills. The response has been extraordinary... from both students, teachers, and administrators.

Barb and Laura Gurley-Mozie (SBES tech) are working together to take pictures of the wonderful artwork around our schools.  Please spend time perusing the site's pictures and you are welcome to make positive comments about the creativity and talent in our district.  ENJOY!
Thank you!